Market Maker

Provide liquidity, earn with arbitrage.

We at Exchange Union are building xud, the software for a decentralized exchange network called OpenDEX. It brings market makers, exchanges and individual traders worldwide onto a single trading network and liquidity pool. OpenDEX is designed to address one of the most challenging reasons why decentralized exchanges haven't taken over yet: lack of liquidity

Market makers generate a revenue stream by providing liquidity on OpenDEX and leveraging arbitrage opporunities between OpenDEX orders and centralized exchange orders, like e.g. on Binance. We are providing tools & support dedicated for market makers to streamline these processes. Check out the section below to get started!

Getting started.
  • Check out our guide for how to run XUD and start earning via arbitrage as market maker!

  • Join our discord chat and get dedicated & direct market maker support! We'll have you up and arbitraging in no time.

Our tech stack.
  • Payment Channels
    Trades are settled instantly on L2 via the Lightning & Connext payment channel networks.
  • Atomic Swaps
    Either both parties settle a trade successfully, or nothing occurs at all. A trustless trade.
  • Decentralized Order Book
    Orders are propagated and matched directly between participants of the P2P network without central entity.
A strong developer community.
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    Open Issues
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    Closed Issues

Exchange Union’s development is supported by a strong developer community. Because we support open-source and verifyability of self-custodial systems, all documentation and code is open-source. Both full-time and open-source developers work hand-in-hand to advance XUD and tools.

XUC, the liquidity incentive.

XUC is a token which incentivizes market makers to provide liquidity on the OpenDEX network. It has been designed to reward the work and capital that is needed to "transfer" liquidity from major exchanges onto OpenDEX. In the early stages of the network, market makers receive XUC tokens as a subsidy for providing liquidity on the network when demand, and thus profits, are still low. Subsidies decrease over time, similar to Bitcoin's block reward subsidizing miners in the early years when network fees are not high enough yet to pay for all occuring costs. Learn more in the XUC menu section.

Talk to the Team.


Live on Mainnet.
  • Stage 1
    Project start
  • Stage 2
    Release of technical specifications, start of open-source development
  • Stage 3
    Proof-of-concept implementation release
  • Stage 4
    Testnet release
  • Stage 5
    Mainnet release