The network effect for liquidity.

Exchange Union offers solutions to the most challenging issues facing exchanges today, while simultaneously offering the opportunity to boost their revenues and the number of traders on their platform. A combined order book amongst exchanges will improve liquidity in the market. Users of different exchanges will be able to trade with one another, while both exchanges involved in the transaction retain their usual commission and fees.

By running an XUD node and plugging into its API, exchanges will be able to match trades with one another in a decentralized, instant, trustless, and peer-to-peer fashion.

Benefits for exchanges and their users.


  • Increased liquidity
  • Increased volume & earnings
  • Access to a larger user base
  • Access to a robust decentralized trading infrastructure


  • Tighter spreads
  • Better prices
  • More trading pairs
  • Eliminates the need for multiple verified accounts
Introducing the XUC token.

The asset powering the Exchange Union network.

The XUC token was designed to serve as a unique incentive structure, fee schedule, and reward program benefiting participants in Exchange Union. The token will be used to encourage liquidity and participation in the many facets of the decentralized network.

Need to know more?
  • Read through our white paper for a better understanding of the project, the pain points we’re solving, the specific use cases, and more.

  • Check out our technical paper on Github where you can find everything you need to know about our innovative tech stack.

Our tech stack.
  • Payment Channels
    Off-chain scaling solutions such as the Lightning & Raiden Networks.
  • Atomic Swaps
    Either both parties swap assets simultaneously or nothing occurs at all. A trustless transaction.
  • Decentralized Order Books
    A full mesh network propagating orders between exchanges.
Liquidity, coming soon.
  • Stage 1
    Project start
  • Stage 2
    Release of technical specifications, start of open-source development
  • Stage 3
    Proof-of-concept implementation release
  • Stage 4
    Test-net release
  • Stage 5
    Main-net release
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