The network effect for liquidity.

We at Exchange Union are building xud, the software for a decentralized exchange network called OpenDEX. It brings market makers, exchanges and individual traders worldwide onto a single trading network and liquidity pool. OpenDEX solves the major pain point of most exchanges: the lack of organic liquidity. Some OTC-style exchanges already run XUD with a set of tools to use the network's liquidity for hedge-trading their user trades and control exposure of different assets, essentially using OpenDEX's liquidity to offer trades to their users. Examples of such exchanges can be found here.

Benefits for exchanges and their users.


  • Open and free access to a global liquidity pool
  • No more paying market makers
  • No more paying remarketing services
  • Compete with UX instead of liquidity
  • Increased user stickiness


  • Better UX
  • More pairs
  • Access to the best global price
  • No KYC, no personal data
XUC, the liquidity incentive.

XUC is a token which incentivizes market makers to provide liquidity on the OpenDEX network. It has been designed to reward the work that is needed to "transfer" liquidity from major exchanges onto OpenDEX. Select the Market Maker journey to learn more about how it works. An open market place like OpenDEX has its drawbacks though, namely it is vulnerable to the so-called free options problem where actors delay trades to exploit rate changes. Exchanges will be able to use XUC to gain access to a curated list of regularly tested and reliable market makers to ensure trades always execute successfully and instantly.

Get started.
  • Check out our technical documentation, how to run and connect an exchange platform and learn more about our innovative tech stack.

  • Join our discord chat and connect with the team and other exchange operators to get direct support. We'll get you up and running.

Our tech stack.
  • Payment Channels
    Trades are settled instantly on L2 via the Lightning & Connext payment channel networks.
  • Atomic Swaps
    Either both parties settle a trade successfully, or nothing occurs at all. A trustless trade.
  • Decentralized Order Book
    Orders are propagated and matched directly between participants of the P2P network without central entity.
Live on Mainnet.
  • Stage 1
    Project start
  • Stage 2
    Release of technical specifications, start of open-source development
  • Stage 3
    Proof-of-concept implementation release
  • Stage 4
    Testnet release
  • Stage 5
    Mainnet release
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