The trading pairs you want at the prices you expect.

Exchange Union is creating a decentralized exchange (DEX) for individual traders and exchanges alike. Bringing both onto the same network solves the liquidity bootleneck, which traditional DEX are prone to. Traders can choose to run XUD for fully self-sovereign trading or opt for an exchange that integrated XUD to access the networks global liqudity. Gone is the need for accounts on an endless number of exchanges and the constant need to move funds between them.

Our technology will enable instant and trustless trading, bringing traders better market prices, tighter spreads, more liquidity, and the opportunity for more trading pairs - all from one familiar user interface.

Getting started.
  • Read through our white paper for a better understanding of the project, the pain points we’re solving, the specific use cases, and more.

  • Check out our technical documentation, how to run XUD and start trading on Exchange Union's unstoppable decentralized exchange network.

Our tech stack.
  • Payment Channels
    Trades are settled instantly on L2 via payment channels of the Lightning & Raiden Network.
  • Atomic Swaps
    Either both parties settle a trade successfully, or nothing occurs at all. A trustless trade.
  • Decentralized Order Book
    The P2P network propagating orders between participants of the network.
Benefits for the crypto ecosystem.

Exchange Union offers solutions to many of the pain points that both exchanges and traders face today. Most issues in the current ecosystem are due to a lack of liquidity on exchanges around the world. With each new exchange entering the marketplace, liquidity isolation becomes even more prominent.

The infrastructure we are building will enable liquidity to be transferred instantly and trustlessly between exchanges, vastly improving market inefficiencies and thus reducing the likelihood of manipulation. XUD gives traders the option to directly trade on the network, without the need of going through an exchange with the account setup, KYC and risk of loosing funds.

The XUC token.

XUC is an ERC20 token which powers the Exchange Union network. It has been designed to reward and incentivize many diverse functions in the network. Traders, exchanges, and developers all stand to benefit from its use and add a collective value to its ecosystem.

Where to find XUC?
  • ZB
  • EXX
  • HitBTC
  • DEX
  • EXX
  • IDEX
  • EtherDelta
  • CEX
  • HitBTC
  • OKEX
  • ZB
  • EXX
  • CEX
  • HitBTC
  • OKEX
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