We are passionate about decentralization and work together from all around the globe. The platform we are building will disrupt many of the existing financial instruments we are used to today. We believe that trustless and decentralized structures must be put in place to empower individuals. This can only now truly be achieved for the first time with bitcoin & digital assets.

True to our core philosophy of openness and transparency, we have made our infrastructure & work flows open-source to encourage and engage the brightest minds to contribute.

Our Team.
  • Kilian
    Product Director
    Loving unstoppable products, living on Bitcoin. Also known as "the magnificent kilrau". GitHub: kilrau
  • Daniel
    Core Engineer
    Developer #1. Creator of the Lightning Gem. Master of Layer 2. Professional poker player, always an ace up his sleeve. GitHub: sangaman
  • Karl
    Core Engineer
    Karlos - Explorer, lightning advocate, wizard. GitHub: erkarl
  • Moshe
    Test Infrastructure Lead
    As a self-proclaimed Wizard, Moshe is responsible for major parts of the P2P Communication layer and simulation tests. GitHub: moshababo
  • Yangyang
    Infrastructure Engineer
    Yang Yang is our Docker-Ninja and responsible to make running XUD as smooth as possible. GitHub: reliveyy
  • Roman
    QA Engineer
    Quality Assurer. GitHub: raladev
  • michael1011
    Star Contributor
    Creator of LightningTip & Boltz. Privacy uber alles, Wunderkind. GitHub: michael1011
  • Hannah
    Special Contributor
    Distributed systems specialist with a background working in cyber security and fintech. Fighting Front-running & scaling xud's P2P layer. GitHub: hatmer
  • Sercan
    Regular Contributor
    A regular in the commit history of XUD. Taking care of order transmissions, order book and P2P. GitHub: rsercano
  • Satoshi
    All Contributors
    We have many more contributors, who directly or indirectly are responsible for essential contributions, but prefer to stay anonymous. Thank you to all Satoshis.
Our Partners.
  • Technical

  • Financial

  • Strategic

Early Advisors.
  • Mikael Wang
    Former CTO of BTCC. Former chief solutions architect of Ericsson.
  • Terry Culver
    Vice Dean of Development, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.
  • Star Xu
    Co-founder and CEO of OKCoin, Former CTO of Docin.
  • Shenghong Wang
    Emeritus Principal of Fudan University. Renowned educationalist and scientist.
  • Gabriel Kurman
    Co-founder of RSK Labs, one of the best solutions for bitcoin scaling debate.
  • Kevin Zhou
    Co-founder of Galois Capital, a crypto trading fund. Former Head of Trading and Advisor of Kraken.
  • Andrew Lee
    CEO of Purse, the world’s largest marketplace for Bitcoin.
  • Sebastian Serrano
    Co-Founder & CEO of Ripio, the leading Bitcoin exchange and payment company in Latin America.
  • Sunny Ray
    Co-founder & President of Unocoin.
  • Sathvik Vishwanath
    Co-founder & CEO of Unocoin, the largest bitcoin exchange in India.
  • Paul Chou
    Co-founder & CEO of LedgerX, the fully regulated institutional trading and clearing platform in US.
  • Brendan Eich
    Father of the JavaScript. Founder & CEO of Brave. Former CEO & CTO of Mozilla.